I’m Back!!!!

I’m Back!!!!

Hey friends!

Long time no talk right?!?  I’d say I’m sorry for being so MIA BUT the truth is, I’ve enjoyed taking some time off from all things blogging.  When I say all things I mean I haven’t logged on to my blog in MONTHS nor have I read another blog in MONTHS.  There were a few reasons why I decided to take a little break (I’ll touch on them later) but it ended up being a little longer than I had planned.  Regardless, here I am!  I do want to start blogging a little bit more but to be honest, it most likely will not be very consistent.  I actually think blogging in general is fading.  I see way more interaction on social media platforms than on actual blogs these days.  Which honestly is where I spend more of my time these days.  So if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, or Facebook, you should!   Anyways, since it’s been quite some time I thought I’d catch you all up on some things that have been going on in our lives lately.  Even though I’m sure by this point I have ZERO readers 😉

Let’s start with my little muffin man!

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9 Months to Gain 9 Months to Loose

9 Months to Gain 9 Months to Loose

Hey there!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Spring so far!  I love spring almost as much as I love fall.  I think I’d probably love it more if we actually got to enjoy more of it… Where we live we typically go from rain to heat.  There’s very little in between.  BUT the few weeks of it that we do have we sure do enjoy!

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Spring Time Fun with Evenflo!

Spring Time Fun with Evenflo!

We are finally getting some Spring like weather here!  I know, I know, Spring doesn’t actually begin for a few weeks but we’ve had such a wet and cold winter that the gorgeous clear blue skies and milder temps are so appreciated around here.

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Feeling Renewed after the 3 Day Refresh!

Feeling Renewed after the 3 Day Refresh!

Hi friends!  Hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far.  Again I know it’s been awhile since I’ve stopped by to say hi but I just had to post about my recent experience with the Three Day Refresh!

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Why we Vacation WITH and WITHOUT kids

Why we Vacation WITH and WITHOUT kids

Hey there!

I know I’m hit and miss these days on the blogging front but am planning on trying to get back into it a little more now that we’re in a bit of a routine.  I’m not going to lie, two kids can be a bit crazy at times.  That plus managing the household chores, coaching, teaching at the gym and studying for my Personal Training Cert.  That last one has taken precedence over blogging as I really want to focus on passing.

Anyways, I’m here today with some free time so figured I’d pop in to chat with you all for a change.  Mainly about the topic of vacations.  We just returned from an amazing vacation in Mexico!

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Oh Hey there!

Oh Hey there!

Check, check… Is this thing on?  I know, I’ve been MIA for months now.  All I can say is sorry I’m not sorry 😉  It’s been a very refreshing break and one I’m not sure is actually even a break.  I’m just now starting to get the urge to blog again but don’t think it’s going to become a consistent thing again.  Priorities right?

In the off chance that I actually still have blog readers, I thought I’d pop in and share a little about life lately.

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A Day In Our Lives + Wild Zora Giveaway

A Day In Our Lives + Wild Zora Giveaway

Oh hey there!  How’s life treating you all these days?  Yes, we’re still alive, and still busy as ever!  Which means blogging has still been pretty non existent.  Still, I’m okay with that for the time being.  Family comes first!

I figured since we haven’t chatted in awhile, I’d pop in and share what a day in my life looks like lately.  Of course it’s always changing as things just do when you have kids but just for fun here’s a peak at our Tuesday 🙂

4:50 – Tuesday’s start early for me as I teach the 6:00am class at Burn-IT.  It just so happened that my little muffin woke up at 4:49 and wanted to eat so perfect timing!  We aren’t on a firm schedule as far as eating/sleeping goes.  Most nights he wakes 1-2 times to eat.  Sometimes like this past Monday he wakes more frequently and wants to eat all the time…  I blame the full moon for that night 🙁  Anyway, I feed him, then get some coffee, check in with my challenge groups and head out the door for class.

6:00 – Workout and coach a 45 minute HIIT class.  We did 15 minutes of treadmill intervals, 1 min at a jog, 1 minute at a push pace, 45 seconds at an all out sprint.  Then did a floor circuit which left us drenched in sweat!


7:00 – Get home and quickly shower while The Hubby finishes up breakfast with The Love Nugget.  Blend up a pumpkin pie green smoothie for me (and some for The Love Nugget) then get the Muffin Man up and get us all dressed.


7:45 – out the door to take The Love Nugget to school.  Drop off is 7:50 which is WAY too early in my opinion…

8:00 – Back home to nurse my little guy real fast before heading out to run some errands.

8:50 – Meet a friend for coffee and some shopping 🙂


BTW I’m not normally a huge Starbucks fan but when those red cups roll out along with my favorite peppermint latte’s I can’t help myself.  My treat drink is usually a almond milk latte with one pump of peppermint.  Yum!

11:15 – Pick up The Love Nugget from school, chat with some other moms and his teacher then homeward bound.

11:30 – Nurse the little muffin then help The Love Nugget get his lunch while heating up mine.


PB and J, carrots, mandarin for him, baked cod, rice and vegetables for me 🙂  Prepped ahead makes for a fast lunch!
12:30 – Put the baby to sleep then search for plane tickets while The Love Nugget plays outside.

1:15 – Finally book our tickets to Cabo in February then call the Love Nugget in to take a rest.  We read a story together then he reads some books on his own.

1:30 – While he rests, I clean up, put away laundry and get some work done.

2:00 – Love Nugget wakes up and we color then he plays outside while I get some stuff done on the computer.

2:45 – My little muffin wakes up and I feed him then we head out to run a few errands.


We eat a quick snack on the way home of mandarins and Wild Zora Jerky.


Speaking of that snack, we’ve been obsessed with both mandarins since it’s their peak season right now, and Wild Zora bars.  I’ve mentioned before how much we enjoy these grass fed meat and veggie bars on my Instagram but wanted to share here with you all.  Wild Zora  was created by a health conscious woman named Zora who wanted a healthy snack to feed her family.  One that was free of grains or gluten or soy or added sugar or MSG or Nitrates.  This was hard to find so she decided to create one herself.  There was born Wild Zora bars!  A delicious combination of grass-fed meats and veggies.


Flavors include;

Parmesan Beef Bars with Kale, Tomato 

Chili Beef Bars with Kale, Apricot, Cayenne Pepper

BBQ Beef Bars with Kale, Tomato, Red Bell Pepper

Curry Masala Turkey Bars with Spinach, Dates, Cardamom
Mediterranean Lamb Bars with Spinach & Turmeric
A delicious snack I can happily feed my family and myself 🙂
4:15 ish – Get home and feed the little muffin again then get help The Love Nugget build with his fort boards.
He was really focused on making a letter L.
5:00 – Get dinner together, tonight is soup with broccoli, chicken, carrots and butternut squash.

6:00 – After cleaning up, it’s time for bath time!


Then he eats again while The Love Nugget watches his show.  Little man falls asleep when he’s done.  It’s a little early for him to go to bed but oh well.


He doesn’t take a pacifier and isn’t a thumb sucker but enjoys those two fingers…

7:00 – The hubby gets home from work and takes The Love Nugget upstairs to read stories and get ready for bed.  So I watch a little Gilmore Girls on Netflix and relax on the couch.  Everyone kept telling me to watch it and now that I have I can’t stop!

7:30 – Hubby comes downstairs so we hang out and watch some DVR’d This Is Us.  Love that show!

8:30 – I head to bed since I know I’ll be waking up to feed my little muffin in a few hours… He usually wakes around 1:00 and 4:30.  Someday we’ll sleep train…

Now for something fun!  As mentioned above, I’m giving away some of our favorite healthy snack lately.  Wild Zora Bars!  Follow the instructions below and enter to win!

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Long Time No Chat

Long Time No Chat

Hey there!  Long time no chat.  I didn’t mean to be MIA for so long.  I had just planned on taking a few weeks and before I knew it, it’s been well over a month!  Sorry but to be honest, I’ve been enjoying my time with my littles 🙂

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What I’ve Done to Make Breastfeeding Easier + a Lactation Recipe!

What I’ve Done to Make Breastfeeding Easier + a Lactation Recipe!

Hey there!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away too long.  Although I’ll admit it’s been quite nice not worrying about blogging the past few weeks.  We’ve been keeping busy with school, hanging out with friends, family and soccer!

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Taking Time

Taking Time

Hi friends!

I’m alive!  I know, I know… It’s been a while.  I should say I’m sorry but I’m not.  I’ve actually enjoyed the past few weeks of not worrying about opening my computer up to write a blog post.  Or snapping pictures of everything I eat, everything we do, or just everything.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of things I really enjoy about blogging.  However I’m now going on year 5 of blogging and I’m just not as passionate about it as I once was.  Probably because I’m typically pretty busy just being a mom but also because I’ve grown a little tired of constantly being an open book.  For the past 4 years I’ve shared nearly everything with my readers.  Even opening up about the struggles we’ve had with infertility and miscarriages.  Which I don’t regret and in some ways feel that it helped me to get through that extremely difficult time in our lives.   However, through the past several years of being so open I’ve also received a lot of judgement.  For some reason people like to judge others.  Judge the clothes they’re wearing, the food they’re eating and the choices they’re making.  Even though people like to say they don’t I would often get comments on my blog placing judgement on things I was doing.  I would be at a party with friends who read the blog and would hear things like, “Oh Giselle won’t eat that it’s not healthy enough.”   AND I would get emails from readers questioning the choices I was making.  Some offering advice and just trying to be helpful but others basically just judging.  Most the time I could easily shrug it off, brush it under the rug and move on.  But lately I’ve been wondering if it’s even worth it to put time and effort into something, someplace where others just end up judging?   Especially when my time can be directed at more important things like my family.


So where does this leave us?  I’m not saying I’m done blogging completely.  I do love to share healthy recipes, workouts and my life with others.  I love to connect with new people, to read about others lives and to find friends that live across the country.    BUT for now I think I’m going to take some time to focus on my family, my health, and the business of helping others get healthy.


I plan to pop in from time to time sharing things about our lives, healthy recipes and workouts but will definitely not be posting daily let alone weekly posts for the time being.  If you follow me on Facebook or IG you can see more updates from me and definitely make sure you subscribe via email to get notifications on new posts.

AND of course I’ll leave you with a picture of what’s taking up most my time these days… My little squish!




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